Work/Life Balance: Fact or Myth?

We’ve all come across the word “work-life balance” and though most of us consider it as something essential, creating a work-life balance isn’t as easy as it seems.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we’re living at a time when working beyond the normal work hours have become the norm.

Though some of us may go home in time for dinner, we still find ourselves opening our laptops immediately after so we can continue that report we were working on.

Is work-life balance achievable?  Is it a fact or a myth?

What is work-life balance?

The best way to answer that question is to define what work-life balance is.  Simply put, work-life balance is the amount of time you spend on your job vs the amount of time you spend with your family or doing things you love.

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Well, not quite.

This is because we live in a world where spending countless hours in the office equates to dedication and hard work which are usually the basis for promotions.

If you’re the ambitious type or the type who’s looking to earn a better living for his or her family, this is a no-brainer.  You’d definitely want to be seen as a model employee and staying in the office longer than you should is an excellent way to do it.

Despite these challenges, work-life balance is possible.  You just have to be determined enough to make it happen because it’s all in your hands.


Know your priorities

While being recognized for a job well done feels really good, it may not be all worth it if it means missing out on your children’s school program or a dinner date with your spouse.

You need to carefully assess what’s more important to you if you’re going to successfully strike that work-life balance you’re looking for.

It’s not going to be easy so give it some serious thought.  


Set healthy boundaries

Most of us find it hard to say no to people but if you’re going to create work-life balance, learning to say “No” is a good place to start.

If you think you have too much work in your hands, tell your boss about it.  Delegate some of your responsibilities if you have to.

You also need to learn to set boundaries for yourself.  When you’re at home, be there.  Resist the temptation of opening your emails or entertaining client requests.

Set a time to unplug

We’re on our computers and phones for most of the week and if we’re not careful enough, stress can creep in without us knowing it.

It’s a good practice to unplug even just for a day.  Turn your phone off and avoid opening your laptop so you can spend time with the family or do something you truly enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Work-life balance is more than just a buzzword millennials love to throw around.  It isn’t a myth either because it is attainable if you’re really serious about it.

Only you can make it happen.  If you work for a company that doesn’t promote or support work-life balance, then it’s probably time to move on.

It’s all up to you.  If you want to create work-life balance, you can start enjoying it as early as tomorrow so make it happen!