Why Should You Make Time for Meditation?

Meditation has been on the rise over the past few years.  From meditation retreats to meditation apps, people young and old are all joining the trend.

Given this rise in popularity, it’s worth asking where the appeal is coming from.  Are people in it because it’s popular or simply because it works?

All answers point to the latter because people who practice mindful meditation have nothing but praises mostly because of the benefits it comes with.

Is meditation really that good? 

Why should we make time for meditation? 

It makes you mindful and it heightens your awareness

Life is moving fast and sometimes, it’s hard to keep up when you have to deal with all the noise and distractions around you.

This is where meditation comes in handy because one of its key benefits is it makes you mindful and it keeps you aware.

Being aware and mindful is crucial because it helps you get more focused so you can continue to navigate through life with clarity.  This will help you get more things done and accomplish your goals.

It’s the perfect stress-reliever 


We all get stressed from time to time and it can be because of a variety of reasons.  It can be because of our jobs, our families, our relationships, the list goes on.

Some of the stress we get are unavoidable and therefore, not toxic but too much stress can be bad not just for the mind but for our overall health.

Meditation is a good way to combat stress.  By closing your eyes and listening to your every breath, you can refocus and just be in the moment.

Sure, stress won’t go away instantly but you’ll feel much better and more relaxed after you’ve taken time to meditate.

It can help you make better decisions 

“Meditate on it.”

This is one of the usual pieces of advice you’ll get from a friend or a colleague when you’re faced with a difficult decision.

What they’re saying is actually true because meditation can help you make better decisions.  This is because meditation helps you gain more awareness.

When you’re more aware of your thoughts, actions, and emotions, the decision-making process becomes easier.


Because you’re not just reacting to the situation.  Meditation gives you the composure you need so you can think clearly before you act or respond.  That’s how you arrive at a well-thought-of decision, doesn’t it?

It helps you gain more control of your emotions

Let’s be honest.  Getting too emotional can be bad.  It leads to bad decisions and bad courses of action that you will regret later on.

This is the reason why we are strongly advised to not speak or jump to conclusions when we’re too emotional.  There’s a tendency for us to say or do something we don’t really mean.

Meditation comes in handy in such situations because it helps you take control of your emotions.  Instead of reacting based on impulse, you react more skillfully because you can observe how your mind works.

Final Thoughts

Living at a faster pace can be overwhelming for some and with all the chaos happening around us, it’s easy to lose control and spiral downwards.

Meditation is an effective way of keeping our focus during such times.  It helps us understand our thoughts by increasing our awareness, making us make better decisions in the process.

The best part is that meditation is free and you can do it anywhere, anytime.