Increase Brain Function with these Amazing Ingredients

While there’s no magic pill that can make each of us a genius, there are ingredients and supplements that can help improve brain function.

This means enhancing your focus, clarity, concentration, and memory. Sometimes, even your mood.

What are these ingredients?

Where can you find them? 

What are the benefits they have to offer?

Below are some of the more common “brain boosters” you can take advantage of today.


Being a natural stimulant, it makes perfect sense for caffeine to be part of the list.

It’s been a go-to ingredient we’ve all got to lean on when we’re studying for an exam back in college or when we need to cram up a report that we will use for a presentation.

This is because caffeine keeps us on our feet. It makes us feel less tired and more alert and perhaps, more importantly, you don’t need to take a supplement to get them because they are easily accessible through coffee or tea.


A natural antioxidant, resveratrol is usually found in the skin of purple and red fruits such as blueberries, grapes, and raspberries.

Chocolates, peanuts, and red wine are also good sources of resveratrol but you can also take them in supplement form.

One study showed that taking 200 mg of resveratrol daily for 26 weeks improved the memory of a small group of healthy adults.

Similar results were seen in several animal studies as well as improved brain function.

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Another important supplement that helps improve brain function is fish oil which comes packed with two types of omega-3 acids: Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

DHA has been linked to several benefits like strong memory, improved thinking skills, and fast reaction times.

EPA on the other hand is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that can help protect the brain from damage due to aging. It has also been found to improve one’s mood, making it ideal for people with depression.

Eating two portions of oily fish per week should give you the right amount of omega-3 the body needs. You may also take them in supplement form if eating oily fish isn’t achievable.

Ginkgo Biloba


A herbal supplement that comes from the Ginkgo biloba tree, Ginkgo Biloba is one of the more popular supplements today particularly because of its brain-boosting power.

The said supplement is said to improve blood flow to the brain, effectively increasing brain function like focus and memory in the process.

Some studies have also shown that the herbal supplement can also help reduce brain function decline brought about by aging.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri has been around for centuries and was used as part of traditional medicine practices like Ayurveda.

Derived from Bacopa monnieri herb, this supplement is known to improve thinking skills and memory in both healthy people and elderly people suffering from brain function decline.

Though considered effective, it is worth noting that it may take a couple of weeks before you feel the effects of taking the supplement daily.  

It may also cause diarrhea and an upset stomach in some instances.

Final Thoughts 

Brain function is important not just in performing our jobs and professions but also in our normal activities.

The ingredients mentioned have been proven to positively affect brain function in more ways than one, making them ideal especially for people who have deficiencies in the said nutrients.