Achieve Better Mind & Body with 5-HTP

Popularly known by its shortened name 5-HTP, 5-Hydroxytryptophan is an amino acid naturally produced by the body.

It produces serotonin which functions as a chemical messenger that the body uses to send signals to our nerve cells. 

Studies have shown that low serotonin levels can have adverse effects on our health including anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, and weight gain among others.

This is why increasing serotonin production is essential.  The good news is there are now serotonin-producing 5-HTP supplements you can purchase over the counter.

That being said, here are some of the health benefits you’d get by including 5-HTP in your daily regimen.

Reduce Migraine Frequency

There’s no question that the pain and discomfort brought about by migraines can sometimes become unbearable.  Apart from the headaches, it is also characterized by nausea and disturbed vision.

Some researchers believe that low serotonin levels are to blame for migraine occurrence making 5-HTP a suitable treatment.  In fact, one study showed that taking 5-HTP daily for six months either reduced or totally prevented migraine attacks in 71% of the test subjects.

Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is easier said than done but when you feel full most of the time, there’s a better chance that you won’t look to consume food as often as you could.

This is one of the effects of taking 5-HTP.  By increasing the production of the hormones responsible for making you feel hungry, it effectively helps you lose weight especially if you can sustain it in the long term.

Several studies have already been conducted to support this claim so if you’re trying to lose weight, taking 5-HTP daily is a good way to make it happen.

Help You Sleep Better

Melatonin is crucial in regulating sleep.  This hormone tends to increase in the evening making you feel sleepy and fall in the morning helping you wake up.

While 5-HTP produces serotonin, it’s important to understand that serotonin can be converted to melatonin making 5-HTP a suitable solution if you have problems sleeping.

Several studies have also been done to support this claim.  One, in particular, involved the combination of 5-HTP and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) where the results showed increased sleep duration and better sleep quality.

Help Reduce Pain

Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by bone and muscle pain.  It also makes the person suffering from the condition feel weak and fatigued.

While the cause for fibromyalgia is still unknown, certain studies have shown that the condition may be associated with low serotonin levels.

Researchers couldn’t have been any more correct because evidence suggests that 5-HTP may actually be effective in improving fibromyalgia symptoms including muscle pain, anxiety, and difficulty in sleeping.

It’s worth noting, however, that more studies are needed to solidify these claims.

Help Reduce Depression

There’s no doubt that depression is one of the biggest health issues the world is facing today and while the cause for this condition remains a mystery, several researchers believe that serotonin imbalance may be a contributing factor.

The good news is several studies have been made that showed that 5-HTP helps reduce symptoms of depression.

Further research may be needed to affirm this claim though since most of the studies made involved the use of 5-HTP along with other substances compared to when it was used alone.

Final Thoughts

Low serotonin levels can impact our health in more ways than we can imagine which is why having 5-HTP supplements available makes a world of difference.  If any of the health conditions mentioned is giving you trouble, make sure to include 5-HTP supplements in your daily regimen.