5 Reasons to Go GMO-Free

A genetically modified organism or GMO is any plant or animal whose genetic material has been altered through genetic engineering methods.

The practice of creating GMOs in food has been going on for quite some time and has been linked to several serious health conditions such as autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal problems, food allergies, and childhood learning disorders just to name a few.

The fact that 26 countries outside of the United States have already banned GMOs (at least partially), speaks volumes about the potential hazards it can inflict.

That being said, going GMO-free should be a priority, and below are some of the reasons why should adopt the said lifestyle.

You’ll keep your body away from toxic chemicals

You’ll keep your body away from toxic chemicals

The fact that they’re synthetically created and chemical fertilizers were used to grow them is already a huge red flag.

Residues of herbicides and pesticides inherently reside in genetically modified foods which means no amount of washing will let you strip them away. 

The same can be said about supplements that may also come in both organic and GMO variants. As can be expected, anything that’s all-natural is less likely to have negative effects on the body.

If you want to maximize the vitamins and minerals you’ll get from your daily supplements, going non-GMO makes better sense.

Freedom from antibiotics and growth hormones

Freedom from antibiotics and growth hormones

Antibiotics have the potential to create bacteria-resistant strains that can reduce the body’s overall immunity. 

When this happens, the body’s ability to fight diseases decreases making you more susceptible and easily get sick. Since non-GMO foods aren’t injected with such antibiotics, going all-natural won’t put your body at the same risk.

Fresher foods

Fresher foods

It’s safe to say that the fresher the food, the more nutritious they are. 

This is because all the beneficial nutrients are still intact and uncompromised. The same can’t be said about GMOs which are created using chemical preservatives that aim to make them last longer.

If cooking alone can already take away some of the nutrients inside a certain food, what more if it uses preservatives that can be harmful to the body?

More nutritious food

more nutritious food

Organically-grown foods are known to be packed with more nutrients thereby promoting a healthier body and lifestyle for anyone who likes to go all-natural.

Nutrients like omega fatty acids as well as certain vitamins and minerals can be found in organic foods like most fruits and vegetables.

It’s not surprising that experts always recommend fruits and vegetables to be part of every meal given the health benefits they have to offer.

Good for the environment

Good for Environment

More than the health benefits they bring, organic food is considered environment-friendly because they’re not cultivated with the use of chemicals which can lead to infertility and soil erosion over a certain period of time.

These chemicals are also known to cause pollution. They also use a considerable amount of energy that can harm our natural resources in more ways than one.

Final Thoughts

Given the above reasons, it’s easy to see why going GMO-free is a healthier and smarter choice. By going all-natural, you are effectively protecting your body from harmful chemicals while helping save the environment from the same chemicals at the same time.